San Diego's Adventuresome Muse

and Travel Companion



All photos are authentically & accurately me, taken recently, with retouching only to obscure my face and my few small tattoos. 

To ensure my safety and privacy, please do not ask me to send unblurred face photos or additional photographs.  Do not fear: my face is as naturally beautiful as my body is.


I would love to visit you at your upscale hotel or home.  You may also visit me at my plush Mission Valley incall.  While I am touring, I tend to stay in 4-5 star discreet and easily accessible hotels and would love to have you over.


All bookings require a $100 deposit via amazon gift card.


 Bookings made same day (confirmed within 24 hours of the requested time) must add $200 to the posted rate.

1hr .................................600


2hr .................................900


4hr dinner & dessert...1,500 

6hr event.......................1,900  

12hr overnight.............2,600

14-16hr relaxation.......3,000

24hr staycation............4,000

2-3 day escape..............7,000

Outcall while on tour: 3 hour minimum.

Incall while on tour: same rates as above.

Couples and duo requests are happily invited to contact me for 2hr+ meetings.  If you would like to meet with myself and another model in SD, I have a couple of amazing models who I love to duo with--contact me for info.




  • Please include required screening information located on the contact page of this site in your first contact with me.

  • As I lead a highly active life including a full time career beyond my modeling, booking at least 24 hours in advance will help me to make sure I have time set aside for our meeting.  During my tours, it is recommended to contact me as soon as you can as my time completely books up for these visits weeks in advance.  While spontaneity is fun in many aspects of life, I unfortunately must turn away last minute requests due to prior commitments.

  • Leave the full rate in an unsealed envelope or card in plain sight as soon as I/you arrive. Please do not discuss it or make me ask for it.  If we are meeting in public, a card or book works wonderfully. 

  • I keep impeccable hygiene and I request that you do the same.  Clean hands, fresh breath, and a freshly showered person make for a much more pleasant encounter.

  • Be discreet and do not share my information or details of our encounters with others.  I will also respect your privacy and will not disclose your screening information or details to anyone else.

  • Due to the current legislation (and despite having had top ratings on TER), I no longer support having incriminating reviews written and published about me.  If you violate my consent on this, you will be blacklisted.  I have always delighted in providing only the very best engaging and organic experiences to my suitors--from my first prompt reply to our lingering sweet goodbyes and all the wonderful things an intelligent and creative person can find to fill the time with in between the two ;-).

  • I do not smoke cigarettes, and I ask that you refrain from smoking indoors during our time together.

  • I do not discriminate on ethnicity, age, disability, or gender. I appreciate kind people from all paths in life.

  • Treat me with respect and you will have it returned to you twentyfold.  




Check out my upcoming touring information and availability in the calendar below! If the day is unmarked with an event then I am available for incall and outcall in San Diego--but likely only with advance notice of 24 hours or more.  I highly recommend that you contact me at your earliest convenience regarding my tours, as I tend to book up far in advance of my arrival. 

No, really.  That isn't a marketing ploy, it's the truth.  It is always an awful feeling to turn away otherwise lovely enquiries that waited to contact me because I do not have availability same-day.  Please take the time to reach out in advance or you will miss your chance!


All images © 2018 by Maya Miele.